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Zubax Myxa - robust operation at extremely low speed

Support for robust, extremely low-speed operation makes Myxa an ideal choice for lighter-than-air aircraft and similar applications, where thrusters are required to operate at very low speed settings.

In this video, Myxa is running a standard BLDC motor Tarot MT4008 with a 15-inch propeller at 80 RPM in sensorless closed-loop speed control mode. The current frequency averages around 16 Hz. Low-speed modes are challenging for sensorless drives in general, but not for Myxa, thanks to our proprietary patent-pending state estimation techniques. Myxa is also shown to sweep up to the maximum rated speed for this motor and then back to low speed again, in order to demonstrate high versatility of the control system.

More info at zubax.com/myxa.

@pavel-kirienko can you provide more info about the recommended setup for low RPM application?

You can start by simply reducing the minimum speed parameter.

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