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Voltage Utilisation Factor


I was wondering about the discrepancy in reported Voltage Utilisation Factor between various sources of Telega documentation.

  • In the Myxa docs (\S\ 3.1.1) it states that F_\text{util} is 0.91.

  • In the Komar docs (\S\ \text{Motor Selection Characteristics}) staties that F_\text{util} = \frac{0.91}{\sqrt{3}}

  • And in Alex’s blog post (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love ESC Development) it also states: F_\text{util} is the Telega-specific voltage utilization factor, \frac{0.91}{\sqrt{3}}.

Is the utilisation factor different between Myxa and other Mitochondrik based ESCs? Some clarity would be appreciated.

Hi David,

The main limiting factor taken into account in the F_\text{util} is the maximum value of the duty cycle of the PWM output voltage. We have optimized the phase current measurement algorithm, which allowed us to increase this value up to 0.99. Accordingly, in the new v0.3 firmware release the F_\text{util} value is 0.99. We have not yet had time to update this value in the documentation, sorry.
Division by \sqrt{3} may appear if the motor connection diagram changes. Namely, if the motor for which the KV is normalized for the triangle connection scheme is connected in the star scheme. But these are rare cases.

Thanks for the response, Dmitry! Much appreciated. Great news about v0.3, too.