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Sapog max speed increase

Hi there,
I am using the Kotleta20 with a 14 pole motor that can spin up to 18krpm. I didn’t expect this to be a problem, but in Maximum speed considerations in Sapog and Telega firmwares I learned that both Sapog and Telega limit the maximum fundamental frequency to 1.5kHz.
My main objective for running at these high speeds with this ESC is to get the CAN feedback of current, voltage and rpm. I am ok without the rpm control, i.e. just commanding duty cycles via CAN.
Is there a way to increase the maximum speed in that case?


This is not currently possible. Typically (excepting special cases), 1500 Hz is a rather high field frequency for an electric machine. As Dmitry wrote in the topic you referenced, further increase is likely to result in severe energy losses. Could you maybe describe why your application requires that?

I totally agree, 1.5kHz is very high for most machines. In the RC world it doesn’t seem so uncommon though, with high rpms and pole counts. Efficiency is probably not the biggest concern in those cases though.
We are trying to drive this motor (https://innov8tivedesigns.com/pub/propcharts/BA2315-880-Specs.htm) which spins at up to 18krpm with certain propellers and has 14 poles. That results in a fundamental frequency of 2.1kHz.

I did find another way to avoid running at speeds above 1.5kHz, so no need for this anymore. Thanks for your response, Pavel!