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New housing for Myxa

We recently finally received our new housing for myxa. It is red, its aluminium and looks awesome. It acts as a heatsink and should improve Myxa’s efficiency even more.
Last time we run thermal tests we found that Myxa can provide up to 600W of power without a heatsink. With this new housing we expect this value to increase 20-30%. Some more thermal tests coming soon.
And of course, its red colour will make any motor spin 15% faster (it is no coincidence that Ferrari paints its cars in red).


Red is the official color for all Italian vehicles in motor sport racing .

Also Alfa Romeo are red as well as Ducati.

This whole design was inspired by lamborghini countach.

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Could you provide the dimensions of the housing? Are there any mounting holes on the back?

Greetings! Here is a little drawing

myxa_housing.pdf (136.3 KB)

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Here comes an extra pic for extra clarity:

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I shall post yet another picture for the benefit of posterity.