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Myxa ESC's Thermal Tests

Myxa is a high-efficiency controller utilizing all the benefits of Telega firmware as well as hardware components. The ESC is very small and can be easily mounted in light aircrafts and vehicles.
At the same time, it can pass a large amount of power to the motor.
We performed a number of tests on the Myxa controller with different motors.
They proved that Myxa in open air can power motors up to 600 W without a heatsink.
Here you can see some thermograms of the Myxa controller heavy loaded.

The thermal differences between phases is a result of the load differences during tests.
The board is uniformly heated, with the hottest points being on the transistors of course. The transistor’s cases are heated up to 60-65 deg C at maximum loads.

For bigger loads, Myxa controller can be used with a heatsink. We offer the cased version of the Myxa ESC. The case of the controller protects it from external actions and is also heatsink.
Here you can see thermograms of the board in the case under the same load.