How to change the mode and what control mode is proper?


I want to setup a Myxa for multi rotor.
I have read the post for multi rotor settings.

  1. But, I don’t know How I choose the voltage control mode in Kutcher. Also, How to switch the mode from rpm control mode to voltage control mode? And How I check the mode it is correctly changed.

  2. I have installed magnetic sensor on motor, So I could read the angle of motor. I want to control the motor speed or torque when the angle is at 90 degree. To control motor accelerating or decelerating what mode is proper? what parameter is relating?


No.1 - Check a guru in Kutcher. Voltage mode will appear.

Hi Denny,

  1. Yes, check the Guru option and choose the Ratiometric Voltage Control Mode.
  2. The FOC principle assumes that the stator magnetic flux is always rotated by 90 degrees relative to the rotor flux vector, which provides the highest torque value. The firmware is based on this principle and spins the motor automatically without any motor angle sensors. It doesn’t depend on the control mode you use. If you’d like to know more about the control modes, please read the Quick Start Guide.

Thanks, dmitry

If I change the mode in kucher, is it set the myxa’s mode? is there no parameter to check the mode in kucher?

For example, after I change the mode in voltage mode, when I give a pwm signal to myxa, does voltage ramp setting governs the motor?

Hi Denny,

If you control through the Kucher interface, then the control will be performed in the mode that you set in the Kucher.
If you control through the RCPWM interface, then the control will be performed in the mode you set in RCPWM parameters. RCPWM parameters description you can find in theQuick Start Guide.