GNSS 2.2 Module issues

Hi All,

We’ve received 2 GNSS 2.2 modules this week and I’ve been trying them out - unfortunately I’ve had some problems.

The first module is powering up and communicating OK on USB, however I can’t seem to get a GNSS fix.
The second module doesn’t want to power up at all, although it does seem to draw power on the CANBus power connector when plugged in to 5V.

For the first module, I’ve put the USB interface in gnssbride mode and am using U-blox U-centre to view the statistics. All of the channels are operating in open search but unable to get a fix, or even track a single satellite, after at least 30 minutes (continuous - I was out there much longer but rebooted several times trying to debug). I am setup in a car park with a good sky view and have another GPS next to it which is getting position data with 8 satellites.

Any thoughts on what the issue might be?

I’m not sure what to do with the second module at this point other than send it back - it seems to be bricked.



Could you please tell us where you bought your modules from? We run extensive production tests on each shipped module, so the only way for anybody to receive a dead-on-arrival unit is to have this unit damaged during the delivery.

We purchased direct from Titan Elite.

They were packaged well and the box was undamaged, so I don’t think transit was a factor. I pulled it straight out of the box today and plugged into USB - no lights, no device created, nada…

Edit - my next step on this unit will be to try to connect to the debug port and see if there is any UART activity…


Thanks Duncan, please report your findings here.

Small update: More debugging with the first module today on lack of GPS tracking. It behaves as though the antenna is not connected. e.g. turning the module upside down or covering up the antenna has no apparent effect on tracking performance. I’ve taken a screenshot from u-Center below, but I’m not sure if these parameters are really useful or relevant in debugging the issue.


Very occasionally it seems as though it gets a brief track on 1 or 2 satellites, but it never actually locks.

On the second unit, I don’t have the right connector to connect to the DCD-M port, so I have to order something in. Is NicaDrone the only current supplier of the Drone code probe?

Thanks, Duncan.

First module

The first module seems to have been damaged during shipping. Please either return it to us using the address specified below (so we could investigate the failure) or return it to Titan Elite Inc. If available, please use the shipping option where the recipient is responsible for payment; if that is not available, please PM or email me and we’ll compensate your shipping expenses separately. We’ll continue via email concerning the replacement.

Our address is the following:

Zubax Robotics OÜ
Narva road, 5
Tallinn 10117

Second module

Concerning the second unit, please connect it via USB and see if a virtual serial port device named Zubax GNSS gets detected by your OS. If you’re running Windows, you can check that in the Device Manager tool. If a USB device is detected, try connecting to it via the command-line interface and execute the command zubax_id. Post the output here.

If the device could not be detected via USB, please ship it back as described above and await replacement from Titan Elite.

I received my module today from Titan Elite.
Have exacly the same problem

Connected via USB
No fix, u-center tracks 1 or 2 satellites from time to time.

I have other module from drotek with only Ublox module and this works perfect on the same location

Any idea whats wrong?


Hi Ben,

Can you connect over USB? Does the device enumerate under whichever OS you are using? What does it enumerate (in the case it does) as?

If using over CAN, do you have a terminator connected to the corresponding CAN connector?

Connection over USB works fine.
CLI works, and some NMEA is received
But no GPS fix


Can you take the GNSS outside and do a data log from U-center?

All my tests are outside :flushed:

This is my 3de GNSS module with Ublox
Never had this kind of troubles, just connect to USB and it should work

Alright! Yep, it should just work. I’m assuming you mean this is your 3rd Zubax GNSS? Can you confirm that your other units are still functioning with the same setup you currently have?

If you still have issues, I’d contact TitanElite for a return/replacement.

I found out if i turn Zubax upside down, i get a fix after a few seconds :flushed:
Turn up again and fix gone
Very bad fix, but it is a fix.

What is going on here?

Not sure. I’d contact Titan Elite for a refund. Seems like a hardware defect. Is this your 3rd Zubax GNSS unit? Can you compare with the other Zubax units you have (if you do have any)?

I do not have other Zubax GNSS
I have one drotek GNSS with U-blox M8 receiver and a Navilock GNSS wit U-blox M8
They work just fine, so it’s not a cable problem
Test is outside with clear sky

Looks like the antenne is shielding the receiver and not doing what it should do…receiving

Please contact us here: Contact Us

And titan elite just replies “send it back we wil inspect the module”
That’s all…i must spend more money to get a working module

Think i will just file a complaint at paypal to get a full refund

Titan Elite does not know what customer service is.
They want me to pay to send the defective device back

If i send a mail, they keep on sending the same standard reply…if they even reply

Ben, sorry to hear about the struggles. I’ve been following the conversation and we’re working with Titan to get this sorted out. We are going to contact you by email.

Device was delivered with firmware 4.0
I updated to 4.1…same results… no fix