GNSS 2.2 Module issues

(Ben S) #21

After i filed a dispute at paypal, Titan wakes up.
They want to send a new device…but first i must close the dispute…wich i can never reopen of course

Hi Benny,

I’m aware that Zubax is still exploring your issue but I would like to send you a replacement device so that you have a functional unit. Can you please end the PayPal dispute so that I can prpceed?

Thank you,

Paypal advises mee to keep the dispute open until feb 27, so Titan has time to solve this.

But now Titan there money is blocked, they get realy angry

If you are not able to close the case, then, unfortunately, the only option we have is to close the case and issue a refund. We can not risk that you will have the item while we can lose the case.

So they don’t care about a customer, i paid a total of $ 203 for the GNSS module, and can get a refund for $ 143 , price + shipping.
All the custom costs and taxes are up in smoke … $ 60 gone

We look forward to continued business with you and hope that you continue to try Zubax products again, including purchasing a new GNSS

Do they realy believe what they write in there mails?? :flushed::flushed:

I will never buy anything from Titan again!

(John De Vere) #22

Sorry to step in here, just happened to be searching for info.

Personally, I would close the PayPal case. TItan has no reason to screw you on this. And if you paid with a credit card via PayPal you can always initiate a chargeback.

In my experience, Titan is trying to protect themselves from the sometimes devastating impact of customers trying to defraud a seller. If we took a look at every case opened against Titan on PayPal, I would bet money that
In 70% of the cases the customer is not being honest/fraud
In 25% there’s a ridiculous misunderstanding that was eventually fixed
And 5% is the average rate of mysterious disappearance during transit through no fault of either party.
Over the years, in my experience, the only thing that’s changed is that 70% keeps creeping up. The last year I’d say it went from 60 to the current 70%.

I haven’t lost a case against a seller, and I’ve never lost a case against a buyer.

I know Pavel is going to tell me to open a new ticket for my question, so I’ll do that now. :slight_smile: lol

(Ben S) #23

Still no new device
No refund
No answer from Titan om my mail

Sorry John i don’t believe you!
In my case they have there money and i have nothing
i am screwed…