Device status is fault

My Myxa shows Fault and flashes with red LED. Exit code after self-test is 192. Which is 128 ( ExitCodeSomeParametersInvalid) + 64 ( ExitCodeMotorModelParametersInvalid).
Running Motor identification fails with exit code 1.
I did Reset all for parameters with no great success.
What else I could check to make things working?
As I powering up the ESC it flashes green 5 times then white and spins the motor a bit then starts flashing red. It flashes in a pattern, something like this: - . . . . . -.

Just updated FW via UAVCAN to latest. With no any changes in behaviour.

Somehow EEPROM was erased. And to start configuration one have to select max current and num of poles. Btw updating fw erases settings as well. Now all is working fine)

Hi Ali, if v0.1 firmware on the board was installed updating to v0.2 will reset parameters to default values.
Please look here for more information about firmware setup.

Hi Dmitry! I understand now that upgrading will erase settings. But I get fault on all of my 8 motors before I started upgrades. I did upgrades in hope it will help with such faults. It happened as follows. I had no RC connected. I issued arming command with QGC. Motors start spin violently at a very high rate causing drone to flip and crashing propellers. I stopped the process by disconnecting battery. Then next time I powered up I noticed all 8 motors flashes with red LED.

As I suggested during our private conversation yesterday, it might have been caused by QGC/PX4 erasing or rewriting the parameters shortly before the power was disconnected. Please re-configure the controllers and run identification again. Let us know if this happened again.