Zubax Myxa vs ESC32v3 with Tarot MT4008 motor


(Dmitry Ramensky) #1

We performed new tests of Myxa with Tarot 4008 MT 330kv Brushless Multicopter Motor. Our testbench consists of an RC Benchmark stand, the motor, and a 6S battery. For comparison, we spin the motor by Myxa and by Autoquad ESC32v3.

Here are power consumption and overall propulsion system efficiency diagrams with 1760 propeller

At higher speeds and loads Myxa provides up to 20% efficiency increase. Efficiency is generally lower at lower battery voltages due to higher currents and bigger static losses. Myxa is more efficient at power ranges higher than 100 W.
During the experiment, we observed that at high speeds motor with 1760 propeller generates high sound noise. And this noise is lower while the motor is driving by Myxa ESC due more smoothed currents and torque forms.

You can compare Thrust characteristic of 1555 and 1760 propeller on the figure below.

(Александр Валов) #2

Thank you for this information.

What about MT4006 and 1555 /1760 props and Myxa?

(Dmitry Ramensky) #3

We’ll do this tests in a short time.