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Zubax Myxa vs ESC32v3 with Tarot MT4006 motor

We performed some tests of Myxa with Tarot 4006 MT 320kv Brushless Multicopter Motor. Our testbench consists of an RC Benchmark stand, the motor and a 4S battery. For comparison, we spin the motor by Myxa and by Autoquad ESC32v3.

Thank @Sany_V for the Motor and ESCv32 v3.

Here are power consumption and overall propulsion system efficiency diagrams with 1760 propeller

At higher speeds and loads Myxa provides a 12% efficiency increase. Efficiency is generally lower at lower battery voltages due to higher currents and bigger static losses.

Thanks Dmitry,
very interesting information about overall efficency of Myxa,
can you make more test with 4006 motor + 1555 props, and 4008 + 1760 props. I can provide you with 1555 props and 4008 motor?
Because 4006 + 1760 is not best match, on my opinion best cases in terms of efficency is:
4006 motor + 1555 props (for light quad under 2 Kg) possible flight time under 1:30 (in my case)
4008 motor + 1760 props (for medium-havy quad between >2 kg < 4 Kg)
possible flight time under 1:00 (not yet tested).
I plan reach near 2 hour flight time with Myxa it is very enought for most types of job (inspection of the high voltage lines or earth mapping) under bad weather conditions (or strong wind).

Hi Alexander, Dmitry is currently on a sick leave, but he’s planning to run more tests once he’s back (late next week). Stay tuned.

We’ve finished tests of MT4006 motor putting the 1555 propeller on it. You can see results on the diagrams below

1555 propellers produce a light thrust (up to 800 gf) and suitable for light drones. Nevertheless, this propeller allows obtaining more efficiency at a cruising flight. But looking at thrust values of 1760 and 1555 propellers, we can see that this addition is not significant.