Zubax Myxa A2 with Telega 1.0 and T-motor U8 Lite L KV95

Registers_Zubax_A2 (5.6 KB)

Hi all,

we are trying to run the Zubax Myxa A2 (Telega 1.0) with a T-motor U8 Lite L KV95. For a start, we are following this tutorial:

We have the following issues:

  • In Torque mode, no movement is possible at all, for both proposed set values.
  • In Velocity Mode, the motor spins up, stops, spins up, stops, etc.

We received the Myxa from another person who evidently changed register values. I could not identify the default values, and uploading new firmware did not overwrite the registers (I attached the current setup). Is there a way of factory resetting the values? What can I change in the configuration to make this work?

Thanks for you help!


Yes, you need to invoke uavcan.node.ExecuteCommand with the command set to COMMAND_FACTORY_RESET (65532), and then COMMAND_RESTART (65535). This is documented here:

Hi Pavel,

thanks for the reference! Factory Reset works like a charm. However, the same issues persist. The ESC does not seem to be able to complete spin-up correctly. I have adjusted the spin-up current and timing values according to the quick start guide, played around with current bandwidth, current ramp, voltage ramp values, tried a different motor (T-Motor U13ⅡKV65, of course performed new Motor ID), etc… However, no success.

Is there any feedback that you could provide? What information could I provide to you to help me?

Thanks in advance!


Please share the exact commands you use to command the drive. Please directly copy and paste them from your terminal.


i’m currently no longer at our test-stand, but can still provide some Info. As to the general setup:

  • I am controlling the Myxa A2 using Yukon instead of the command line.
  • I am connecting to Myxa using Zubax Babel.
  • Currently, we are using the T-Motor U13II KV65 Motor
  • I assigned the Setpoint Velocity to Port 1102.

This is the current Yukon Window (ESC not connected of course, but the publisher still open):


Can you please reproduce the steps from the tutorial using the Yakut command line tool?

No Problem. Will do so on Monday…