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Zubax mailbox full

Dear Zubax,
I tried to reach you through the general mail address info@zubax.com.
I got an auto reply saying the receiving mailbox is full so it could not be delivered.

Can you please empty the mailbox, or show me a different channel to request support?

Kind regards,

Please share the raw message and the bounce response here. Our email is working well, you are the first one to report this.

I’m seeing the exact same thing when emailing to info@… and support@…

Support@zubax.com (Support@zubax.com)
mxfront8o.mail.yandex.net fikk denne feilen:
Mailbox size limit exceeded 1599140550-dOsdbIth5t-gTTaijJm

Have also tried emailing Pavel and Anton individually - here i am not getting a error message, but no answer in over a month. Something must be wrong here @pavel-kirienko ?
Perhaps you could contact me over PM here?

We can’t reproduce it here but our system administrator is looking into it now. I will contact you via PM.

Hi Steffen,
I am taking a look at the issue. As Pavel said, we are not seeing this problem. Is it still happening? Can you reproduce it? If so, could you please send me a copy of the bounced mail to clyde@johnston.name as an attachment so that I can take a look at the header?

I also have problem with email sent you

I am sorry to hear that you were having a problem. When did you experience this? We were having problems with the mailbox in September but this has been resolved now. If it is a recent problem, could you kindly send me a copy of the bounced mail as an attachment?


被退回邮件: 时 间: 2020-11-13 10:40:17
主 题: When my order MYXA can be shipped? order#5177
收件人: support@zubax.com
退信原因: 你的邮件大小超出收件人(support@zubax.com)所在服务商的限制,对方不予接收。

错误代码:host mx.yandex.net[] said: 552 5.2.2 Mailbox size limit exceeded 1605235583-kM0T5TTsYm-kHb8eNXQ (in reply to end of DATA command)|

此外,你还可以 点击这里 获取更多关于退信的帮助信息。

Sorry that you had problems sending this email. I am not sure why exactly this happened but it appears to be an issue with our mail service provider. I have successfully tested the account so if you have not already done so, you should try sending it again.

If anyone is experiencing problems sending mail to support@zubax.com or info@zubax.com, please report it on this thread. If you could also include the header to the bounced “5.2.2 Mailbox full” email, this will help me identify the source of the problem. Sorry for the inconvenience.