Zubax GNSS with APM 3.3RC12

Hey Guys,

I setup the Zubax GNSS following the instructions from the site. (Also upgraded to 2.0 version of the firmware) I have plugged into Can1 with the termination plug in the other Can1 and have set GPS to 9 in MP.

I can not get a GPS signal in mission planner. Can you recommend some further diagnostics I can run to see if APM is receiving anything from the Zubax?

Also, what is the recommended setting for uavcan.pubp-uavcan.equipment.air_data.StaticPressure in order to use the onboard barometer?

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Hi Chris,

The update manual says:

Which means that the updated firmware will not work with APM, until APM has updated its UAVCAN stack to v1.0rc. See github.com/diydrones/ardupilot/issues/2777

You will need to downgrade your Zubax GNSS to the original firmware (attached). Let me know what OS you’re running, so we could provide you with the appropriate firmware update tool.

zubax_gnss.bin.zip (73.8 KB)

Yep, totally overlooked that, my fault.

I am running windows.

Thank you.

Ok loaded previous firmware and it is working. Does this firmware version support the barometer? Is there any special config to get that running?

Oh, this is great that you’ve managed to update it on your own! I was just busy releasing our GUI update tool for you.

Yes, it supports the barometer - you’ll need to set the config parameter air_data_rate_hz to a non-zero value (20 Hz should be OK).

Complete documentation for the old firmware is accessible via docs.zubax.com/index.php?title=Z … &oldid=268


The setup tutorial for the old firmware can be found here: docs.zubax.com/index.php?title=Z … &oldid=282

Thanks Pavel, I just used your attached Bin file with the existing Windows updater client. I just renamed it to the same name that it was using for 2.0. Do you think this will cause any issues?

Also, I added a +1 on Github to get APM to update the UAVCAN version. Fingers crossed! :slight_smile:

Thanks for the old firmware docs.

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If the update tool reported success, the firmware should work fine.