Zubax GNSS and Piksi GPS

I’ve buyed the zubax GNSS and I would like to connect to a pixhawk (APM firmware) with the Piksi as second GPS.
Assuming that Zubax is connected to CAN1 port (and it is working fine), i’m not sure where to connect the Piksi (GPS or Serial 4/5 port).
I’ve tried all two port but no response from Piksi (correctly configured as explained on their site).
Any suggestions?

P.S. I also connect the second CAN plug or not?

thank you,

Hi Marco,

It seems like this question should be addressed to the Piksi team here: groups.google.com/forum/#!forum … av-discuss

Make sure that your Zubax GNSS is connected to Pixhawk via either connector of CAN1, and the other connector of CAN1 has the termination plug inserted. Both connectors of CAN2 should be left unused in your setup.


Thank you Pavel for answering!