Zubax GNSS 2.0 on Arducopter 3.6

(Pavel Kirienko) #21

You are uploading a wrong image file. Please follow the link I posted above to download the right image (the extension should be *.application.bin).

(Richard Gardner) #22

Ok I think we are confusing each other.
Your instructions where to upload the application.bin…This I did and was successful, but when I asked if I needed to then update the firmware you said yes and so I gave it a try. I then went back to the Application.bin as I felt something was off. You confirmed that is the case.
So I think while it’s taken a bit we have gotten to where we need to be.
the next challenge is to determine if I have a functional GPS which I will do using the subscriber function you outlined.
Then if it ever stops raining I will take the unit outside and see if its working.
If not then I have other issues I need to resolve.
So that all said…
Thank you for your help as always I appreciate it.

(Richard Gardner) #23

Hey Pavel.
I am no GPS guru and I am sorry to keep bothering you.But I think this test says the GPS isn’t working.
This is a screen shot at about 3 minutes of uptime and again about 10 to 13 minutes uptime. This is outside in clear air no trees and away from the house.
You know I have been struggling with this for months now, I am not making it up. Something is wrong.
Open to suggestions

Titan Elite, Inc. - Order 4159
hw_unique_id: ‘Mf/XBUhNMThGJwlD’

2018_11_05_13_25_55_UAVCAN_GUI_Tool%203%20minutes%20in 2018_11_05_13_32_19_UAVCAN_GUI_Tool%2010%20min

(Richard Gardner) #24

Any thoughts Pavel. I assume I used the tool correctly.

(Pavel Kirienko) #25

Thanks for confirming that, Richard. Titan Elite will be in touch with you shortly.

(Richard Gardner) #26

No thank you Pavel.
You have been super helpful and patient. I have learned a ton from this.
I will wait to hear from Titan. Based on your comment it sounds like it’s not working. Oh sadness.


(Richard Gardner) #27

Titan got in touch
We will work through the issues,.

thanks again.

(Richard Gardner) #28

Shipping the GPS back tomorrow.

(Richard Gardner) #29

Arrived today. Fingers crossed they can tell me whats wrong.

(Richard Gardner) #30

Update…my GPS is ill…the Doctor has confirmed it. I won’t see him come home till january.

(Richard Gardner) #31

Wa hooo… Dr just emailed me my GPS is shipped today.
Wa hooooo

@pavel-kirienko thank you for all your help and patience.

(Richard Gardner) #32

Wa hooooooo
I have it now.