Zubax EPM 4 - an electro-permanent magnet for UAV applications

Zubax EPM 4 is our new product in the electropermanent magnets portfolio.

EPM 4 can switch between the on-state and off-state on demand (like an electromagnet); while consuming zero power in either state (like a permanent magnet). It supports the following communication interfaces:

  • Cyphal/CAN FD control with diagnostic telemetry;
  • RCPWM control input;
  • voltage level control input;

It can be used in various applications such as UAV payload attachments, workholding in robots, and as a magnetic clamp.

The datasheet is available here: https://files.zubax.com/products/com.zubax.epm/Zubax_EPM_Datasheet.pdf

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