Zubax babel SLCAN ACK timeout

After 19 days that I’ve submitted my order, paying around 70 dollars for an express shipping in Europe, (can you believe it? … it really sounds like a fraud, I know) I’ve finally received the Zubax Babel, plugged it into the computer, run the uavcan GUI tool (both in Windows and Linux) and got the message:

Fatal Error: Could not initialize UAVCAN node. SLCAN ACK timeout
The Zubax Babel is recognized, the baud rate also. Nothing else is plugged.

What should I do to be able, at some point, to read my UAVCAN sensor (it really make me laugh that it should be uncomplicated, while the truth is that it is making my life just much more complex than any normal CAN bus) with this Zubax Babel thing?

Thanks for the help.

Can you please share the order number?

ORDER #1750

But this is not the point of the question, which should actually be: why it is not working plug-and-play?
What should I do more?


Thanks. We will need you to do this for troubleshooting:

  1. Boot into your GNU/Linux system (reboot if already running).
  2. Connect Babel to the computer, preferably directly instead of using USB hubs.
  3. Save the output of dmesg into a text file (at least the last ~100 lines where USB-related events are recorded).
  4. Open UAVCAN GUI Tool and try connecting to Zubax Babel. If it failed, wait for at least 5 seconds before continuing.
  5. Repeat step #3.

I was actually connected to an usb hub. However, I plugged it directly to the computer and nothing changed.
This is the logging related to the zubax

Thanks. We will need you to follow the instructions I posted earlier, please, otherwise we won’t be able to diagnose the problem. The missing part is the output of dmesg collected immediately after the failure occurred. Please consider posting text output as text rather than images as it makes it easier to analyze.

One concerning thing I noticed is that you use virtualization. If this is so, then I wash my hands as physical interfaces are known to misbehave regularly when accessed from a virtual machine. Consider using a non-virtualized system to avoid this problem.