Zubax 2 CAN connector

(Luc Maximilien (Lucamax)) #1

I broke all the CAN cables provided with Zubax 2 .

What is the type and brand of Zubax 2 CAN connectors ?
I would like to build my own cables.


(Pavel Kirienko) #2

Hello Luc,

This should help: https://kb.zubax.com/display/MAINKB/UAVCAN+cables+and+related+accessories

(Luc Maximilien (Lucamax)) #3

Hello Pavel,
Thanks !
I guess that in the meanwhile I found them .
I think that JST GH are not the CAN connectors of Zubax 2 , they are too much small and a different shape .

They look me more like this Molex connector ,

(Pavel Kirienko) #4

Ah, we used to populate CLIK-Mate connectors from Molex, that’s true. You must be using a very old revision of the hardware.

These old connectors are no longer officially supported, but you can find some residual docs here: https://github.com/Zubax/zubax_documentation_portal/blob/4f8e26fe08ab215cf1c31fe8273fb9d6217cd87c/9%20Interfaces/1%20UAVCAN/99%20Obsolete%20cables.md