Why different signature can communication with the same uavcan gui tool?


dear Pavel Kirienko:

in publisher tutorial all the data type signature is 64bit ,
in px4 pasog BootLoader all the data type signature is 16bit.

they have the different data signature, Why can they communicate with GUI?both fine.

  1. i know that the data signature is Not transmitted , only store at the both side code , to be as a extra crc to
    add crc16(payload) , right?

2 . if orel esc have a pasog bootloader can i use the uavcan gui tool to update application firmware for it?

thank you very much!

(Pavel Kirienko) #2

The PX4 bootloader code contains a mistake: what they call “signature” is not, in fact, a signature; rather it’s the CRC16 of the signature. They store precomputed CRC16 of the signature to accelerate runtime CRC computation. This is a correct and compliant approach as far as the UAVCAN specification is concerned, but the naming is suboptimal.

Yes, this bootloader can be used with the GUI tool.


cool,very professional! i like you , guru.