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What motors does the Myxa support without customization?

I bought a Myxa (hopefully it’s on the way over from Estonia) just to experiment with it as I’m thinking about building a pixhawk-based drone. What motors does this controller support generally and what motor is it tuned to specifically for the default firmware?

Hi Scott,

You are correct, your order is already on the way across the pond. In the future, you and other customers from North America might benefit from the services of our official distributor in the USA - Titan Elite, Inc.; they are based in New York. If you don’t see something listed on their web store, just message or call them and they will get your questions sorted out pronto.

To your question: The short answer is that Myxa is by design compatible with any PMSM or BLDC motor, as long as you meet the voltage and power constraints. If you happened to encounter any issues, just let us know via this forum or via info@zubax.com (or call us if you can tolerate some bad English), and we’ll help you get them out of your way. By default Myxa is not tuned at all; it can be auto-tuned for your specific motor if you followed these instructions: Quick start guide for Myxa v0.1

If you still didn’t finalize the choice of motors for your application, you might consider the following:

  • T-Motor U5
  • T-Motor U8
  • Tarot MT4008
  • Scorpion MII-4010

Hope this helps!