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UAVCAN v0 C library (libcanard?) for STM32

I’m developing a C language STM32 application to control six Myxas over an UAVCAN line.

I superficially assumed that Myxa’s FW implemented UAVCAN v1 protocol version, and put consistent efforts in integrating libcanard and platform_specific_components/stm32/libcanard in my project.

I understand only now that I must switch to v0.

In order to avoid accumulating delay on my project, can anybody confirm that integrating libcanard-0.2 is the right choice for me?

Thanks in advance


At this very moment, probably yes, but we will release a v1-compliant Myxa firmware in March.

First of all thanks for your reply.
Unfortunately my deadline is not compatible with March.
Just a couple of questions:

  • Will new Myxa FW release only add UAVCAN v1 compatibility or will it also include enhancements/bugfixes to the core functionality?
  • Reading around the forum I understood that the v1-compliant Myxa release will keep v0 compatibility. Can you please confirm?



There will be some improvements to the motor control functionality as well.

Confirm. v1/v0 will be selectable using a configuration switch.

Thanks for the prompt support.