UAVCAN servo development


I am really exited about UAVCAN bus. Our company is trying to build VTOL plane, which will be able to fly critical missions. For these purposes we need to have very reliable bus, which we can use as spine for whole plane. I saw your ESC and GPS module, which can communicate over UAVCAN. Problem is that we need to lower weight of cables as much as possible. It will be nice to have also servos with UAVCAN bus. Are they in development ? Is it possible that you will be developing more UAV parts with UAVCAN bus ?

Hi Romek,

Currently we are not pursuing that. However, there are at least three companies which have reportedly developed UAVCAN-capable servos, you should get in touch with them instead:

Thanks for yours tips. Currawongeng has CAN servos but they don´t support UAVCAN. They works on Piccolo CAN. What about actual PX4 support of UAVCAN? I studied UAVCAN source code in PX4 and I didn´t understand what´s the difference between ESC and Servo in implementation. If I would connected some UAVCAN servo, would it be possible to config them same way as UAVCAN ESC? I saw that UAVCAN class is subscribed to actuator controls, then you mix them. But I didn´t found where is separation between motors and servos.

Currently, PX4 does not support UAVCAN servos, but the support should be trivial to implement. Basically one needs to recreate the existing ESC output driver, replacing the ESC messages with Actuator messages.