UAVCAN ESC respond to RawCommand duration

Hi! Im doing tests on the rig with (several) Orel 20 UAVCAN ESC and motors. And see the response for RawCommand has limited duration in time. After a short spin the motor stops. So I have to send the command periodically. I think this is how it is designed. Could you please explain how can I control the duration it spins on receiving a RawCommand until it stops completely?

I did tests both with Pixhawk 3 Pro flight controller on the bus and without with almost the same results.

I’m using a BABEL adapter and Pyuavcan to communicate.

Thanks in advance!

Hi Ali,

The setpoint TTL feature is described in the Sapog reference manual, sections 2.2.10 and You can increase the UAVCAN command timeout up to 5 seconds.

This is a safety feature and it cannot be (and should not be) disabled completely (unless you modified the firmware, that is).