Trouble with UAVCAN setup APM

My EPM is setup currently via PWM signal and works well, I would like to go with CAN if possible on the network with my GNSS2 (which is an amazing device). It is my understanding that EPM grippers should be functional with latest APM firmware but dynamic node is not. I am trying to set static node with Babel and UAVCAN GUI tool but it will not load EPM parameters. I have tried with switch 4 set to on in order to enable static node and with switches set all to off with no success. The GUI tool reads the gripper and reports it as functional. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Randy

OpenGrab EPM does not support static node ID, sadly. The only way forward with UAVCAN is to ask ArduPilot devs to implement the dynamic node ID allocation feature. It used to be available but then it was removed during a refactoring, and nobody brought it back since then.

EDIT: OpenGrab EPM v3 does support static node-ID allocation; the above response was incorrect. Info: OpenGrab EPM v3 - Knowledge Base - Zubax Knowledge Base