To buy open grab epm


I am currently working on a project which requires the use of OPEN GRAB EPM, I was trying to find a source tp buy it but the Nica drone site is down.
is there any other source I can find to buy and I want it to ship to Barcelona,Spain

thanks in advance
please help me


(Pavel Kirienko) #2

Hello Sandeep, the website should be up promptly, please stand by.


Thank You,
by what time or date will the site be up so that I can make a purchase any estimate ???

(Pavel Kirienko) #4

I have informed Andreas from NicaDrone of the issue, he usually responds quickly, but I have no better estimate, sorry.


Ok , could you ask him , is there any possibility to buy by any other source or directly with him. I need it very urgently.


Hello Pavel,
is there any possible way that I can contact Andreas of nice drone ???
any email id or mobile number will do the job



Sorry about that Sandeep,

Email went down as well with the site, it should be back up and running later today

Skype: NicaDrone / Andreas Jochum
WhatsApp +505 5823 7587


so the site will be up by the end of the day right
it would be great if I an order the epm
it’s and urgent requirement for me


Please contact me on Skype Andreas Jochum / NicaDrone


Thank you so much for your time and response


Anyone in US have inventory of the OpenGrab? I need (5) of them, and I already bought the one he had on Amazon!



There is more, you may wait a few days before they become available on Amazon or you may order them directly from our site NicaDrone. They both ship from the Fulfillment by Amazon US. Estimated ship date is Monday

(Simon) #13

Hi Pavel,

Looking to buy OpenGrab, but nicadrone site is down and Amazon says its unavailable. When can we expect the site back up or the devices to be available again on Amazon to order?

Thank you.

(Pavel Kirienko) #14

Let’s ask @NicaDrone. Andreas, what’s up?

(Dennis Lott) #15

Hello Pavel,

I have one EPM and need three more. Is there a location where I can buy them or has Nicadrone stopped production?


(Pavel Kirienko) #16

I just nudged Andreas again. He’s having some logistic complications but everything should be back to normal soon he told me. Unfortunately we don’t have a stock of EPM so we can’t supply them for you. If you need urgent assistance, please PM me and I will put you in touch with Andreas directly.