Telemetry over UAVCAN

Has anyone been able to read Myxa’s telemetry over UAVCAN on the ground station and can post instruction how to do so?
At the moment it seems I’ve been able to configure the Myxa to send telemetry to the flight controller (I’m using Pixhawk Cube), but it doesn’t pass through to the GC readings escX.voltage, current, etc…

It depends which firmware you’re using on the autopilot, but if it’s Ardupilot, there’s a similar issue here: Copter-4.0.1-rc2 available for beta testing -- Critical Fix Included - #53 by Pedals2Paddles - Copter 4.0 - ArduPilot Discourse that we haven’t been able to reproduce. If that’s the same as you’re experiencing, it would be worth chiming in on that discussion.

Thanks, might be related but not the same…
I’m having difficulty displaying the ESC’s telemetry in real time in Mission Planner, the logging on the Cube actually does work.

Not really any consolation, but that’s a known issue at the moment, unfortunately.

Unfortunate indeed.
I’ll just have to wait…