Telega v0.6 with DroneCAN or Telega v1 with RCPWM

I have a hard requirement to use ArduPilot. I also love the Myxa speed controllers. Unfortunately, it has become clear that Cyphal and Ardupilot certainly won’t be compatible in the near future, thus, my question is: from a technical perspective, which will be better; to run Telega v0.6 with DroneCAN or Telega v1 with RCPWM?

The configuration of the speed controller with DroneCAN is simple, and the telemetry information is highly valuable. This will obviously fall away when using RCPWM. Are the benefits of using the Telega v1 control algorithms worth losing other valuable info like telemetry?

We definitely recommend Telega v1.0 (with RCPWM) over the legacy version for all new applications.

It is possible to implement Cyphal telemetry support in ArduPilot relatively easily by way of Lua scripting, but we currently have no resources allocated for this project. It is also possible to emit setpoints via Lua scripts, thus obviating the need for RCPWM completely. If you would like to take this on and submit the Lua script to ArduPilot, we could provide guidance. The ArduPilot maintainers have made it clear that the script would be accepted; although, in the end, it doesn’t really have to be, as it can be easily reused as a third-party component.

Will do!

Interesting! I will definitely look into this. My resources are also constrained at the moment, but I will being tinkering so long. If I need assistance, I will ping the forum!