Telega v0.2 is released


(Pavel Kirienko) #1

Telega firmware v0.2 is now available for download from the file server. The firmware can be updated via CAN using the UAVCAN GUI Tool.

Changes from v0.1:

  • Improved stability, especially during rapid acceleration and deceleration.
  • Field weakening (flux weakening); please contact us for setup instructions – official documentation will be released later.
  • Fixed the power-up issue where the device would refuse to boot unless the power supply voltage slope is steep enough.
  • RPM control loop stability improvements.
  • Motor characterization improvements.
  • Faster boot-up – approx. 200 milliseconds from power on to ready to run.
  • Faster and more robust spin-up process.
  • Motor self-test at power-up is not performed by default; can be enabled via ctl.pwron_slftst.
  • Selectable spool-down policy: either controlled braking (default) or immediate power stage deactivation (set ctl.hard_stop).
  • Parameter renamings:
    • m.spup_current_l --> m.spup_curr_begn
    • m.spup_current_h --> m.spup_curr_end
    • m.phi_milliweber --> m.flux_linkage (change of units: milliweber --> weber)
    • m.rs_ohm --> m.resistance
    • m.ld_microhenry --> m.induct_direct (change of units: microhenry --> henry)
    • m.lq_microhenry --> m.induct_quad (change of units: microhenry --> henry)
    • m.eangvel_rampup --> m.eangvel_accel
    • m.eangvel_rampdn --> m.eangvel_decel

Read the updated setup guide: Quick start guide for Myxa v0.1.



Upgraded my Mxya (correctly, I hope!), but seem to be getting some errors - I see red skull and cross bones on device status in Kucher (presumably not good) and a critical health status when access the Myxa from UAVCAN GUI Tool (also presumably not good); it also fails the self-test in Kucher.

I have even tried the correct power on sequence for v0.1 (although I understand this is fixed in 0.2), but still get the same…

Perhaps someone can shed some light on the situation. Screen snaps are attached for reference.

Many thanks



(Pavel Kirienko) #5

Hi @david, the Kucher screenshot indicates that a self test was unsuccessful; perhaps the motor is not properly connected to the controller? When the self-test issue is resolved, you are expected to see the same FAULT state again, because after the firmware is updated, Myxa will forget its configuration parameters, and you will need to perform motor identification again, as explained in the quick start guide.


Thanks, @pavel-kirienko! Will check that I’ve got the motor connected correctly. Can you confirm if v0.2 incorporates support for higher resistance (ie. gimbal) motors?

(Pavel Kirienko) #7

Yes, we have somewhat extended the supported resistance range.