Simulate turboprop engine ... using myxa, how to

Dear forum,
I am new to myxa A, zubax, telega in general.

I am a RC modell pilot since several years and a big fan of the plane Pilatus PC 6 Turbo Porter (Turboprop engine)…

I would like to simulate the startup of a real turboprop using BLDC motor. controlled by myxa…

The startup of a real turboprop can be looked up here for example

I am using brand new myxa A , HW 1.3, SW 0.2.ee7c3690.dd5ab3e16098fe64 (looked up in Kucher software for windows)

I was able to use Kucher following QuickStartGuide to make the first big steps in FOC and BLDC motor for RC modell planes…

I am using an 260g outrunner BLDC, more details are here
After sucessfully running Motor Identification, I altered num_poles to 14 and changed max_current to 35A

I enabled RCPWM, changed pulse mid to same value of pulse bot to get it running (one direction only), controled by my tranceiver…


The startup/spinup using the control of my tranceiver is much to fast.
What I would like to tune is the startup/spinup looks like a real turboprop, as shown in youtube video, see first link in this post…

Are there any links to relevant information, which can be followed to tune myxa to get as close as possible to the spinup of a real turboprop engine?

Thank you for any help…

Hi there.

Maybe you should consider configuring a longer spin-up ramp as explained in Quick start guide for Myxa v0.1 - #8 by pavel-kirienko, or you could lower the minimum speed of the motor to a very low value as shown here:

Hi Pavel,

ok, I will try to follow advice in guide and video… Please let me know the name of register to control “minimum speed of motor”… Is it “min_eangvel”?
Thanks in advance for your help.


Some feedback regarding

  • it seems ctl.spinup_durat, in kucher (for windows) has a different max value. It seems not possible to enter values > 10s…Please check or advice, how to enter values of 30s…
  • does m.spup_curr_begn in description equals m.spup_curr_l in graph, y axis and
    does m.spup_curr_end in description equals m.spup_curr_h in graph, y axis?

ok, here are my settings:
ctl.spinup_durat = 10s

m.spup_curr_begn =2A
m.spup_curr_end =20A



The spinup is still fast, and does not show the spinup duration and acceleration of a real turboprop engine…
But I will not give up at this point…
I would like to tune the spinup…

Please advice to start at this point.


10 seconds is currently the maximum. If this is too fast, consider using the alternative I described in Simulate turboprop engine ... using myxa, how to - #2 by pavel-kirienko.

Hi Pavel,

unfortunately, the given information does not show clear advice how to tune spinup process for my application. I spend a lot of time reading referenced documentation to solve my problem, but did not have success…
It seems my application is challenging myxa, and myxa product is currently not able to win…

It may be, myxa will be able in the future to win the challenge, but at the current state and for my application, myxa product meaning all parts, hardware, software, documentation and support, I see no possibility to use it in my applicaton.

I m sure there are applications, myxa wins in all categories… my wish would be to have success too…