Simplest / Fastest setup for Komar

Hello! I need to setup a Komar controller to drive a Motres CIAG 100_30 as soon as possible.
I’ve tried the USB connection but noticed that it’s not functional (also read that from the documentation a while later).

What comercially available CAN tool would you suggest to use for this?
Can i get away with an Arduino and CAN transciever?

We can ship you a Babel free of charge. Please contact with a reference to this post and include your shipping address. Thanks!

Thank you very much for the fast reply and help, Pavel!

Can we use the Kucher software directly with Babel and Komar to configure the controller and run the motor?

No, you will need to use Yakut (or Yukon but it’s occasionally unstable). See this:

Let us know if you need any help.

Thank you! I’ll let you know if i have any trouble with the set up process.