Second GNSS Zubax gone dead after some time

We bought a total of 3 Zubax GNSS so far. The first one worked for a couple of months than it died, wouldn’t make a fix anymore. Connected to U-Center too and same, no sats picked up.

We sent that unit back and bought 2 new ones. The new ones worked good for 3-4 months than one of the two started to have difficulties to get a fix and usually saw less sats than the other. Than in the last couple of days it doesn’t get a fix anymore. Connected it to U-center and nothing, just like the one we sent back months ago.

In our experience it looks like performances degrade over time to the point where it doesn’t work anymore.

It looks like the antenna performance or connection degrades over time to the point of being useless.

Would like to know if someone else has had the same degradation over time and if there is a fix or it is an hardware problem and needs to be sent back.

This behaviour obviously is very concerning because you never know when the degradation is going to happen and to what level.

Just a little update, i just remembered that the one that went bad some months ago was bought with another one that i am still using and that i suspect is the one gone bad in the last days. So maybe there has been a bad batch and are all going bad slowly?

Hi Corrado,

Yes, our current understanding is that there was a faulty batch manufactured by Titan Elite, Inc (we’re still investigating that). We received a series of similar reports from a few other affected customers over the last few months. Could you please specify whether you obtained your boards from Titan or from Zubax (either way they are manufactured by Titan), and if you have an order number? Please email or PM me if you can.


My collegue already wrote an email to you. We will wait an answer from that and we will reply with needed details. One thing i can already tell you, we bouth ours from zubax directly.