Sapog Brake for Fixed-Wing Operation


I have a Kotleta20 and looking to see if there is a propeller braking feature?
I’m want to use it on a e-glider. Hence folding the prop is critical.


Sapog currently does not support this feature, but you can submit a pull request here:

Would love to give it a try. Have this feature been looked at before.
What would be the starting point?

I recommend adding a new API function or a new parameter to the stop function that instructs the low-level control logic to keep the low-side transistors open:

The logic shall ensure that the brake function is activated gradually to avoid excessive power dissipation in case the rotor is not stationary at the time of activation.

Thanks for the guidance.
I would also have a quick question regarding if the decision between sending the energy back in the battery or sending it to the dissipation circuit while in regenerative braking energy is handle in the code?

There is no such circuit available in the hardware. Typically, this case is handled at the DC voltage rail by a dedicated external component or the battery management system controller.