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RPM Software Estimation in Mitochondrik Telega


I was wondering how the Mitochondrik calculates RPM feedback of the motor since I read that the Mitochondrik is sensorless and doesn’t include a sensor for RPM feedback. Is there a document available which explains the RPM sensorless feedback calculation? Does Telega handle the RPM calculation or is this specific to the Mitochondrik?


Hi Matt,

Yes, Telega handles the RPM calculation in the motor state observer. In addition to the speed, the current position of the motor rotor is also calculated in the observer.

Thanks Dmitry! Have the RPM calculations been compared to a sensor’s feedback such as an optical RPM sensor? So the RPM calculation is based off Telega’s control feedback loop in real time?

In synchronous machines, RPM is not an estimated quantity but rather an effected quantity. It is derived by the Telega core based on the current angle which is estimated every ~13 microseconds. The angle estimation error is typically under 15 electrical degrees, excepting rapid transients where it may temporarily exceed this limit.