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Restore Myxa Brick?

I make Myxa to brick. Tell me how to restore Myxa. Unsuccessfully stitched to version 3. ST-Flash. After that I cleared Flash. I flashed BIN again. Alas, it didn’t help.

The reason it’s bricked is that you erased the digital signature stored in the ROM. In order to restore it, we will need you to tell us the unique-ID of the MCU. You will find the instructions in this thread: Issues When Upgrading to Telega v0.3

hopefully this is it.
st-info --serial

(gdb) x /12x 0x1FFF7A10
0x1fff7a10: 0x002f0027 0x3136510c 0x38383630 0xc000fcc0
0x1fff7a20: 0x0200c000 0xfdfff62f 0x05e5f000 0x04af03b1
0x1fff7a30: 0x40664002 0x0000ffff 0x00ffffff 0xc43bc43b

(gdb) x /12b 0x1FFF7A10
0x1fff7a10: 0x27 0x00 0x2f 0x00 0x0c 0x51 0x36 0x31
0x1fff7a18: 0x30 0x36 0x38 0x38

(gdb) x /12h 0x1FFF7A10
0x1fff7a10: 0x0027 0x002f 0x510c 0x3136 0x3630 0x3838 0xfcc0 0xc000
0x1fff7a20: 0xc000 0x0200 0xf62f 0xfdff

Can you please tell us when did you purchase this unit? Do you happen to have an order number or any other reference? Feel free to PM if you prefer so.