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RCPWM - Cannot get 5V Output

I’m attempting to use the Zubax Myxa with RCPWM. I’ve enabled the function using the PC application, but I’m not getting a 5V output on the AUXVDD pin. Any help is appreciated.

Which exact model of Myxa are you using?

The Myxa B ESC with Aluminum Enclosure purchased from Titan Elite.

Okay. The BEC should be activated by setting bec.can_pwr_on to true. The new state is applied in under 100 ms. This will only work when the device is powered from the high-voltage power supply (not via USB). Can you confirm that this description matches your process?

I’ve now enabled the Battery Elimination Circuit as you suggested, but I’m still not getting that 5V output. It’s possible that I’ve accidently blown the fuse, but I’ll have to open the unit up and take a look. Thanks for your help!