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Questions on UAV propulsion kits

Hello, I want to try out UAVCAN ESCs with PX4 drone and I have some questions regarding UAV propulsion kits:

  1. How does this differ from the Sadulli Grosso integrated drive? When should I buy one product and vice verca? (or which product is preferred using with PX4?)

  2. Is it possible to use 4s battery with the UAV propulsion kits? All the variants seem to use 6s-8s battery

Thank you,

  1. UAV propulsion kits include the motor with propeller and the Myxa ESC with pretuned parameters for this motor. You can buy kits if your drone has a place to place a rectangular controller or you want to be able to disconnect or replace the motor. If you have a drone with a 6-8s battery, you don’t need to disconnect the motor and want a more compact solution, then you better try Sadulli.
  2. You can use 4S battery. But you may not fully utilize the battery capacity because the minimum operating voltage of both Sadulli and Myxa ESCs is 13V.
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Thank you Dmitry for your answer! Hoping to use this product soon!


I have consider this setup for a while now but have been held back because of the cost, but I have another question. Here in america the FAA is moving toward certifying aircraft which would be our goal. I would like to present this SADULLI setup for certification as a esc motor system, this would allow us to build our certified drone quicker if the esc/motor are qualified. Have you had anyone approach you about this?

Some of our customers had the intention of certifying their aircraft with their own ESCs inside. Their ESCs were based on the Mitochondrik module just like Sadulli. But, unfortunately, they did not disclose details.

We could provide more information about this if you reached out via sales@zubax.com. Thanks!