Question High Voltage Step Up transfo

Hi everyone,
I just discovered the EPM it’s a nice concept well done!
I was wondering how can you achieve 400V in output of the transformer ATB322524-0110 using a 5v primary whereas the ratio of the transfo is only 1:10? And the 400V turns into 475 for the charge capacitor?
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google: wiki flyback converter;
tldr peak primary Delta U is ~50[V] not 5[V]

There is only one high voltage bus, 475[V].
Where did you see 400[V]?

Thank you for your kind words


Thank you very much for these infos

It’s write 400v in this schematic :wink: … -EPM-V3R3/


Use latest as reference: … EPM-V3R5D/

Changed net name from 400V to HV