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Possible to increase max for "max_eangvel" parameter?

I’m testing out using your Myxa ESC on a Celeroton mini turbo compressor that operates at very high speeds with a 2 pole motor. I’ve been able to adjust the settings successfully in order to get your ESC to smoothly and reliably control the motor all the way up to the maximum allowable eRPM (GREAT controller guys!) but we need to run it higher in order to get the compressor running in the proper operation range. Is there a way to increase the max allowable value for your “max_eangvel” parameter from 20000 to about 30000? For our motor, your current max of 20000 comes out to about 191,000 mechanical RPM and we need to get up to at least 250,000 mechanical RPM. If I’m doing the math right, that means we would need to be able to increase your “max_eangvel” parameter to at least 26166.7. Is that possible somehow?

The maximum motor speed is limited by the maximum current frequency at which the stable operation of the observer is ensured. Higher speeds carry the risk of unstable motor operation under load. This maximum speed can be different for different motors, but we have chosen it as the value of stable operation for most motors.
m.max_eangvel is working in the rpm control mode only. In the voltage control mode, it is not. Try to accelerate the motor to the speed you need in the voltage control mode. If this works out, we will then send you the firmware with the removed speed limit in the rpm control mode.

Excellent, thanks for the reply Dmitry! I’ll try to work on that in the next few days and will get back to you once I have the info.

Take care!

Hi Dmitry, I hope you’re doing well! I got the time to try running the motor in voltage control mode as you suggested while monitoring the Myxa with Kucher and was successfully able to run up to about 243,000 RPM before hitting saturation and drawing about the max rated current for this motor anyway. From our perspective that was a pretty good success! Can you please send us updated firmware with the removed speed limit in the RPM control mode?

(continued via email)