Other practical benefits of FOC

In the few applications I have worked on, using field-oriented control of the motors offered some interesting and useful benefits and features besides efficiency and other things mentioned on the Télega product page. Are there any extra features that Télega/Myxa could offer for brushless motor control?

For example, I understand sensorless FOC requires an estimate of the rotor rotation angle - could this allow for precise rotation control?

Other examples:

  • Motor RPM estimation
  • Braking and reverse thrust
  • Very slow RPM with high torque

I realize that Télega and Myxa are new products, but it would be very interesting for us to know what kind of extra features Télega might offer in the future for brushless propulsion, especially because CAN will enable easy communication of motor health and other telemetry, which will be essential for the professional market.


Yes indeed, field-oriented control is not only about higher efficiency. All of the listed points are actually already supported by Telega (and therefore Myxa). We are going to describe that better in the proper user documentation we’re working on.

Excellent, we are excited to see what Telega has to offer. I’ll watch for the documentation release.