Orel-20 Backwards capability?

(Bernard Gonzales) #1


Does the Orel-20 have the capability of spinning in reverse (i.e backwards)? If so, is this done using a third party firmware?

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(Pavel Kirienko) #2

There aren’t any third-party firmwares for Orel that I am aware of. The stock firmware allows you to reverse the direction of rotation by changing the value of the configuration parameter ctl_dir (reboot required). More info in the reference manual.

(Bernard Gonzales) #3

Does it support bi directional movement? We dont want to have to reprogram the esc to make it go in reverse each time.

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(Pavel Kirienko) #4

Orel doesn’t support that currently (to be more precise, this feature is not implemented in Sapog, its firmware). However, Myxa does.

(Pavel Kirienko) #5

If desired you could implement that feature yourself, since the Orel’s firmware is open source: https://github.com/PX4/sapog