OpenGrab EPM V3 R5C not working after compililng and flashing the original git code

Hello Everyone and thank you in advance for your support.

If I clone the git directory, compile it then flash it onto my OpenGrab EPM V3 R5C, I cannot charge or discharge the EPM’s using the hardware button. I’ve followed all steps in the documentation.

After reopening the gates and powering the device up, i get no status indication from the LED’s, the only signal I am getting, is the yellow LED which blinks when pressing the button, but nothing else happens.

I tried to flesh the .hex firmware file you provided which works fine, so the flashing process is not the issue.

I installed the ARM GCC Embedded toolchain, the command gcc --version returns "7.4.0", so the prerequisites should be met?

The compiling process runs smoothly without any error messages, it is just not working after flashing.

Ultimately, I want to change the degaussing process in order to use this PCB with some custom build EPM’s. by changing the values in magnet.cpp, but first I need to be able to compile and flash the unchanged source code.

Your help is greatly appreciated, please let me know which additional Information you need and I’ll upload it asap.



Please try the same steps with GCC 4.9 and see if it helps. GCC is known to be unreliable and its versions are neither forward nor backward compatible.