New GNSS failure to get gps fix


I just replaced one of my GNSS units that failed to get gps fix as that particular device was a couple of months out of the production window for this specific failure. When I first installed the new unit it obtained a fix although with significantly weaker performance compared to my other two. After a few connects and bench testing it started to oscillate between fix and no fix and at this point in time it simply refuses to obtain a gps fix. I have been using Zubax GNSS since its first year of release and been through all the growing pains but at this point I am very disappointed in the quality control system. These have always been a cut above all other gps units i have used and I want to continue with them but others are catching up and without the same functional issues. These have been purchased through Titan.

Randy Bachtell

(Pavel Kirienko) #2

Hi Randy,

As I just wrote elsewhere on this forum, we have identified that the LNA SAW chip we use in Zubax GNSS 2 (manufactured by Qorvo, Inc.) is defective. The problem cannot be detected by the output quality control because it is often latent in its nature: a unit may be fully functional during the QA test, and fail later once reached the customer (which happened in your case). We are currently preparing a minor hardware revision that will be free from any components manufactured by Qorvo, Inc. Will report on the forum when done.