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Myxa vs Orel20 efficiency tests

Zubax Orel 20 is an advanced controller of sensorless BLDC motors designed for use in cost-sensitive
applications. Zubax Orel 20 runs Sapog - an open source multiplatform BLDC controller firmware. Sapog has many special features to make the BLDC motor control more reliable and effective. But it is based on the common principles of BLDC motors control. Telega motor control firmware platform is based on the newest vector control principles. These control principles. as well as optimized computation techniques, obtain the maximum power efficiency of motors.
We performed some comparative tests of Myxa ESC with Telega Firmware and Orel 20 with Sapog Firmware. We used Tarot MT4008 motor with standard propeller and spin rotor up to maximum speed obtained at maximum Orel 20 working voltage, i.e. 19V.
Results are shown in the diagram below. You can see that Myxa’s power consumption is up to 40% lower than Orel 20 at the same speeds. But this difference decreasing while motor load and speed are increasing. It’s because of higher influence at higher loads of transistor losses and motor parameters errors in the model. if we could speed up the motor to nominal speed the difference would be about 10-20%.

Here is our test bench. This test was carried on the motor Tarot MT 4008 with 1555 propeller.

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Hi, would you post pics of your test stand? I’m curious about propeller type and other test details.


@tmarkson we have edited the post to include the missing information. A similar test stand can be sourced from https://www.rcbenchmark.com.

Add my test of MT4008 1555 props and ESC32v3.

Test bed


Thanks for the info @pavel-kirienko I was curious if there was another hobby grade test suite on the market.

@Sany_V Is your data coming from only the Myxa?


Hi Ted,
My data is not Myxa test!
It is test another hi-end BLDC controller support CAN, PWM, Closed Loop MODE http://autoquad.org/wiki/wiki/aq-esc32/esc32-version-3/ for comparison with Myxa.

Please observe that the linked controller is not FOC-capable, unlike Myxa.

Yes, is not have a FOC feature.