Myxa not seen neither with Kucher nor using UAVCAN and flashes 5 green 1 long red

On of many Myxa’s I received has a strange behaviour. It is not seen with Kucher - no serial port appears when powering up and connecting to USB. Also it not seen with UAVCAN tools. And it flashes in a strange way. It flashes green 5 times then gives long red. Could you pls explain this message?

One of us is going to get in touch with you directly soon.

Hi Pavel,
I bought 3 Myxa’s and one of them is exhibiting this same behavior. It does not show up in Kucher. The other 2 do show up.

Are you observing the same blinking pattern as described by OP?

Yes, I believe it is the same issue. Please see a video of the sequence here.

As I mentioned, this is the only 1 of 3 that isn’t working.

Thanks. Could you please email me at