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Myxa motor controllers are shipping

Today we shipped two very first orders of Myxa. Although the product has not yet been fully released, we’re rapidly getting Myxa to the status of a market-ready product. Few things remain to be completed:

  • A comprehensible GUI configuration tool. We’re actually going to open source it later so that it would serve as an example of building applications that interact with Myxa.
  • A production testing tool. Currently, we’re flashing, testing, and configuring every unit by hand, which is error-prone and expensive. Our robotic overlords will help us with this.
  • Datasheets and user manuals. Oh, this is going to be fun.

how can we order those?

Hi Philippe, currently we’re completely bottlenecked by the manufacturing delays and certain polishing that has to be done on the UX side (the GUI application, tuning process, documentation, et cetera). Right now we’re handling orders on a case-by-case basis, so I’m going to provide the full answer via email. Others reading this, don’t hesitate to email us directly via info@zubax.com.

The screenshot below is that of the user interface (WIP) for Myxa we’re going to release in a week or two.