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Myxa high torque application

Hi everyone,
We have a somewhat unique multirotor propulsion system and are therefore using Myxa to drive a 240Kv motor in a unique work regime - very low RPM (~1000) and high torque.
Generally speaking and without getting into the details - what is the preferred control method to be working with in such high torque conditions - current, voltage or RPM, and which of these is viable for propelling a multirotor?


I don’t think there should be any substantial difference in performance between the three control modes. The voltage control mode is, perhaps, the easiest to tune quickly, but under some circumstances, it may exhibit instability during rapid transients. The current control mode is difficult to use with a multirotor because in order to decelerate the rotor quickly you will have to command a negative setpoint, so that will probably require reworking the control system that drives the Myxa. Therefore, you can start with voltage control mode as a PoC, and then tune the speed control mode as necessary.

Thanks @pavel-kirienko
The recommendation used to be not to use speed control on a multirotor, but exclusive the voltage control - does it still apply in v0.3?

The recommendation is motivated by the difficulty of setting up the speed control loop correctly, not by any underlying technical limitations, so it is safe to use both.