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Myxa firmware update

Hi !

I’m using a Myxa 0B (hardware v1.3) and telega v0.2
I try to update telega to v0.3 but I have few questions:
1 - Is it possible to update Myxa’s firmware by USB ? Should I use Kucher ?
2 - If not, is it only feasable by CAN using UAVCAN GUI ? Does it require the Babel device (https://zubax.com/products/babel) ?
3 - On the repo (https://files.zubax.com/products/com.zubax.telega/), what is the difference between the “compound” and the “application” bin file ? Which one should I use ?

Thanks for your answer

Hi Hadrien,

You can update the firmaware only by CAN in UAVCAN GUI Tool.

Yes, it requires the Babel device or any other USB2CAN adapter supporting SLCAN driver.

The “compound” binary consists the bootloader and is used for flashing devices from the production.
You should use the “application” binary for the firmware update via UAVCAN.