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Myxa controlled braking before spinup

Hi All,
In my setup Myxa is connected to a Tmotor MN501 BLDC.

To begin with - the Myxa is recieving 0 input and the motor is freewheeling in the reversed direction due to a small torque applied to it.
When I’m applying an input to the Myxa, it rapidly brakes and changes direction and begins spinup in the forward direction.
The rapid braking before changing direction is causing us all kinds of problems for our application.

My question - is there a way to control this braking braking behavior (either manually controlling it or making it more gentle)? Splitting the process into 2 stages can also be considered - controlled braking until the motor is standing still, and then commencing spinup in the forward direction.
Essentially - I’m trying to gently increase the motor’s torque in the forward direction when the motor is freewheeling in the opposite direction through the direction change.

Thanks for any help!


Yes. This post describes how to configure the initial behaviors; specifically, how to configure the spinup current (which defines the initial braking):

This is currently not possible and is, in general, technically difficult because the spinup procedure is used to initialize the state estimator (extended Kalman filter). During initialization, the estimator makes certain assumptions about the system, one of them is the direction of its rotation.

Is there a way to remove the spinup sequence and use the current mode from the beginning, so I can manually control the current?

This is not possible to do directly as you described but you can make the sequence arbitrarily short.

What are the extrime values for the spin-up?
Cloud it be from 0 to 0 over 0.01sec?

The smallest duration is 0.1 sec and the current values shall be strictly greater than zero.