Myxa CAN Logging Issues

Hi, I have been experiencing some weird logging behavior with myxa escs. Currently I am running 2, and will eventually be running 6 at once along with 12 other servos on the CAN bus from ardupilot.

I have been seeing intermittent logging, with data from escs seeming to cut in arbitrarily. Attached are 2 ardupilot logs. In the “throttle setpoint test”, ESC 6 begins logging about halfway through the test. In the “throttle ramp test” ESC 5 produces bogus/nonexistent data the whole time. Nothing changed in the configuration between these 2 tests. Why is the logging so unreliable?

throttle ramp test.bin (1.9 MB) throttle setpoint tests.bin (8.9 MB)

Note that ESC 5 and 6 in the log are actually 6 and 7, respectively in ardupilot software and the attached config files.

config6.yml (2.1 KB) config7.yml (2.1 KB)

In addition to the intermittent logging, I would also like to get higher frequency RPM data. Currently, I am only getting about 10hz and would like at least 50. I changed the uavcan.esc_sint parameter for faster logging but saw no change. How can I get higher frequency for my system identification task?

Thank you for any assistance,

It is better to ask the ArduPilot team. Myxa merely publishes its data to the bus, then it is up to the flight controller (or whatever other unit) to process and/or log that. You can verify that the data is published at the correct rate using the UAVCAN/DroneCAN GUI Tool.

The change takes effect after a reboot.

I don’t think this is an ardupilot problem. I always have very reliable logging of Servo position from the can bus, but not for the ESCs.

I have certainly rebooted the ESC in between tests, the parameter change took no effect.

This could be also caused by packet loss on the bus. Check the error counters in the transport statistics on your nodes.